Here some facts about Phentermine which you must consider:

Phentermine is the most popular prescription Diet Pill in the United States, used along with diet and exercise regimen. It is an appetite suppressant which helps people to control their appetite and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

  • Phentermine is best suited for short term management of exogenous obesity. It is not suitable for long term use as it is habit forming.
  • Phentermine is not magic pill, which will automatically cut down fat. It will work best if it is used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise.
  • Consult a doctor before you take Phentermine. You should not take Phentermine if you suffer from heart disease, glaucoma, hardening of the arteries and certain other conditions. See your doctor for more details and be sure to provide him/her with your full medical history.
  • Phentermine may interact with other drugs. You should tell your doctor if your are currently taking any drugs or nutritional supplements of any kind.
  • Phentermine may disrupt normal sleep patterns, so you should avoid taking a dose late in the day.
  • Phentermine is not recommended for children under 16 years of age.
  • Please use Phentermine with caution as it is similar chemically to amphetamines and has the potential for psychological dependency.
  • Phentermine may affect blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic and notice a change in the results of your urine or blood sugar test or if you have any questions or concerns, please consult your doctor.
  • Taking Phentermine in conjunction with medicines that are used during surgery or dental or emergency treatments may cause serious side effects. Prior to surgery or treatment, inform the doctor or dentist that you are using this medicine.
  • Ultimately your doctor will decide if Phentermine is suitable for you.

The information on this site is for general education only. It is not a substitute for consultation with a qualified physician. Before you take Phentermine the 1st time, please do check whether Phentermine is the right pill for you.

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